2014 Sponsors

 Brian O’Rourke  Paul Darnell Robert Morton
 Chief Composites Engineer for Williams F1  Group Leader – Advanced Hybrid Controls for Jaguar Land Rover Managing Director for National Instruments UK and Ireland
 “… I believe Formula Student is a great opportunity as part of an engineer’s training. It encourages people to taste much of what your future career has to offer: acquiring knowledge, skills, organisational abilities and applying them to achieve the best result for a team. That also means effort, hard work, adaptability, learning how to cope with other people, frustrations and, hopefully, the rewards of success.”  “Well done for participating in Formula Student! It takes good planning, great team work, sound engineering, a (big) level of risk and innovation, and without doubt, hard work. It will set you apart, and allow you to develop and demonstrate the softer non-academic skills that are as equally important”  “I am honoured to be a patron as I believe Formula Student to be an excellent way to promote the value of engineering through real project work, culminating in a fantastic racing event”


KU e-Racing would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors who helped make our bid in Formula Student 2014 a huge success!


Laserlines has helped the team immensely, providing us with expertly constructed 3D printed parts. With the revolution of 3D printing being so new, having the help of such a talented and professional company is beyond helpful.
Frost EV have been extremely helpful both with their supply of greatly discounted parts for our HV electronics system, without which we would be significantly behind where we are today, as well as their fantastic and friendly service and support – for that we are massively thankful!
Not only have Titan UK provided us with a custom length steering rack for our unique application, but they have done so at a discounted price. Thank you for being a part of this project!
Thank you so much to RS-Online who have supplied us with a significant amount of their products as a part of their sponsorship programme – we are extremely grateful for your support!
Zortrax have provided us with one of their fantastic 3D printers so we can rapidly produce prototype parts and models for testing in house. This has been invaluable so far this year and we can’t say thank you enough!
Newbury Electronics will be manufacturing our PCB designs for use on this year’s car – thank you for your support!
ATG Gloves have kindly donated a range of their top quality gloves for the manufacturing of our 2015 car, allowing us the use of industry leading products that we would otherwise not be able to afford.
Radical logo Radical have been an immense help to the construction of the car. We would like to thank you for all your work and effort you put in to help us make it to race day. We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship.
SPAL Automotive have kindly donated two cooling fans for the motors. An essential part to the car, thank you very much.
A huge thanks to TeeTotal for their last minute support and providing us with uniform for the team.
Faro have equipped the team with instruments capable of scanning important components and creating a 3D model with these scans, which have been used to optimise the chassis.
Thank you TESCO for your contribution to the team.
Homebase have helped out the team greatly with the build up to Silverstone.
OBP Motorsport supplied and delivered us the all important brake pedal, thank you.
Our team received two small grants via the enterprising business awards, run by Enterprise, totalling just over £700. The funding of which was provided by Lebara Mobile Group. The money provided £200 for uniforms and £505 towards the competition entry. A big thank you to Lebara Mobile for your generosity.
Purpose Powder Coating have been an immense help, with an extremely quick turn around time deserves a very grateful thanks.
A huge thank you to Todoist for their donation of 6 months free premium membership with their fantastic service. It will be of great benefit to the team and we hope to incorporate it into the whole team in the future.
Polyformes have kindly given the team two pads of Ethafoam, which will be used as the head rest protection in the car.
We thank Squid London for the amazing umbrellas that they have kindly donated to us. They will certainly be used at Silverstone and they will set us apart.
Bender UK Thank you for your kind donation of an Isolation Monitoring Device (IMD).
Lee Lifting Services Thank you Cass for dropping everything last minute to provide support, advice and help finishing important welds to ensure the integrity of our car
Kingston University would like to welcome new sponsorship from Tubecraft for their support in expertly bending the main structural hoops for KUES2, the company has had long term business activities with FS teams in the past, but are now looking at supporting their local University and having their hand in promoting engineering student development, from us here welcome.
Gaz Shocks Thank you to owner Dave for the amazing support and advice on shocks – but most of all for the last minute change of spring rate system to improve the handling of the car.
Square Marbles  Thank you for the great website.
 Thank you for your kind donation
Thank you for supplying our uniform – you helped us look proud and smart at Silverstone.
SSC1 Thanks to SSC for their help with the chassis!
Magnet Trade Kingston Thank you for your kind donation of MDF and wood.
Avon Tires Thank you to Chris Askew for the discount on our tyre solution
 Jays Motors If one lesson is to be learned, it’s the strength of friendship. When a team member asked a close friend to help with hoop bending, we didn’t expect to get the equipment, advice and facilities to get the job done. A debt of gratitude is owed to Jaime Rushbrook for his long, late hours helping us.
Unity Motors Thank you for the special discount offered on key parts for our vehicle
  • Silverstone

  • UK’s highest scoring Formula Student electric team

    We are Kingston University's e-Racing team. We have held onto our title as the highest ranking UK electric team for a second consecutive year.

    This year we are looking to raise the benchmark for UK electric teams by being the first to introduce in-hub motors to our car, along with an electric differential. Also this year we are looking to compete in not only the UK Silverstone Event, but also the European Formula Student events.

    We hope to secure sponsorship funding able to run year on year encouraging more students to become creative in the Automotive and Motorsport field.

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